Cardio or Lift Weights for Fat Loss?


Such a controversy these days, WHEW!

I want to lose fat, but what is the best way? How do I burn more fat and build more lean muscle?

If you are confused, I get it! If I wasn’t a nutrition and movement coach nerd, I would be just as confused as most of you are with media and magazines. They can’t make up their minds on what is best! Ha!

Let me help you. There is no black and white when it comes to the ratio of which you should be doing more of, cardio or lifting weights.

Lets set it straight. With cardio you are burning calories in that moment, it is a short term-fix. Cardio is not going to make you lose your gains or strength or muscle. Doing low intensity, longer duration cardio will actually increase your aerobic capacity and help you recover better. It will help you improve your strength 🙂

With strength training, it is a long term fix. You will increase your lean muscle mass. You will burn more calories post workout and while you sleep. You will be able to eat more food and increase your metabolism.

So, what is the perfect balance? Honestly, I am not about going all in on one form of exercise, nor will I ever. Your body needs variability and will perform much better if you give it that. Doing just cardio or just lifting weight will not service your body optimally long term.

Solution? Implement both! Include strength training days and then go outside for long walks or hikes on your non-strength days. Don’t like to be outside? Crush it in the gym and change up your cardio machine. Your body will thank you 🙂

Now go crush it with your gains and increased aerobic capacity. Become strong, lean, and an aerobic machine! BOOM!

OX, Casey

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