Taking Care of Yourself is a Form of Self Respect


I could get a lot of slack for this but let’s be real honest here ladies and especially moms. Stop with the excuse “I don’t have time to take care of me” or “I feel guilty” or “It’s not about me” that is complete BS and you know it. ⁣

⁣Stop disrespecting yourself. ⁣

Stop being selfish. ⁣

You choosing to not take care of yourself is selfish to everyone around you especially your family. ⁣

Instead of wasting so much time on excuses, why not come up with solutions? Listen, I get it. You might have kids, work 40-60hrs a week BUT taking care of yourself is A CHOICE. ⁣

Choose to wake up 15min. earlier to workout for 15 minutes. ⁣

Choose to make the grocery store an adventure for you and your kids to get food for the week. ⁣

Choose to be healthy and make healthy choices rather than making excuses. ⁣

Honestly, I don’t want to hear them anymore. ⁣

I coach every end of the spectrum from moms who are stay at home to moms that are senior partner’s in their law firm and work 80hrs a week with 3 kids and more and are still successful with their health and weight loss!⁣

WHY? ⁣

Because it is a priority. PERIOD. ⁣

So now I ask, what’s your excuse? ⁣

Listen, I love you ladies but it’s time to be the role model you desire for your kids to model after and if you don’t have kids it’s time to show up for yourself.

Need help on where to start? Reply to this blog I got your back 🙂

Big Love,


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