Are You Ready For A Prerequisite to Success?

Hope you are ready to dominate this week and own your day! 

Let’s talk about inches..

Oh wait, you were hoping for the pre-requisite to success…thats right.


A game of inches is a pre-requisite to success.

What does this mean? it simply means what it says. A game of inches is a pre-requisite to your success. This means your success is never predicated on the LARGE steps you take. It is the never talked about baby steps (or inches) that you take each day that add up to a foot then a yard, then a 100 meters and so forth that take you to THE BIG GOAL.

I used to think that success was only ‘success’ if it was made in big gains. I didn’t focus on the little steps and I would get frustrated and want to quit because I wasn’t reaching the BIG goal with the BIG gain.

The truth is, your success is directly related to the small steps done over and over and OVER again.

Making the inches count. Your success in your nutrition goals is a direct reflection of the journey you took to get there. A journey in which you will encounter failure and you will GET BACK UP.

A journey that will knock you down and you will GET BACK UP.

A journey that will require you to grit your teeth at times and relentlessly fight for your goals.

You will GET BACK UP no matter how many road blocks you face or how many times your fall.

The name of the game is INCHES. Get back up and keep MOVING FORWARD. INCH BY INCH.

As long as you do this, you will succeed. You will come out on top and you will be successful 🙂

OX, Casey

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