Collagen – Not Just for Women


Since the time Cleopatra ruled over her Egyptian dynasty 2000 years ago, women have been consuming or applying concoctions to stave off the aging process and beautify their appearance. Fast forward to the current day and skin conscious women now have a myriad of skin-supportive ingredients – few as “hot” as collagen and collagen peptides.  

Collagen makes up approximately one-third of the total protein in the human body and is among the popular “cosmeceuticals” (orally consumed ingredients with skin health benefits) in the marketplace. Indeed, there are hundreds of collagen products available. Now, with Isagenix’s Collagen Elixir, Isagenix has created a highly unique, great-tasting beauty shot providing 5 grams collagen and collagen peptides derived from wild-caught, deep-sea fishes. This elixir is the perfect way to incorporate the skin-glowing benefits of collagen into your diet while choosing collagen that is scientifically based, manufactured in a carbon-neutral facility, and transported in oxidation-resistant, 100% recyclable glass bottles. And, it’s perfect on a Shake Day or Cleanse Day. 

The elixir also contains additional complementary skin-supportive nutrients such as vitamin C, zinc, biotin, and an herbal blend including goji, acerola berry, and aloe vera. These nutrients complement the skin benefits of collagen while providing antioxidant support and an herbal, berry taste.  

But in this era of gender equality, what about men? Can’t they derive the same benefits from collagen? Absolutely! 

Collagen for Skin 

The benefits of collagen for skin health are well known. The most abundant type of collagen in skin is Type 1 collagen, which makes up about 80% of the collagen in the skin’s dermal layer (deep layer of skin just below the outermost layer known as the epidermis). While studies in males have been fewer, some studies – including men as subjects – have noted clinical and biochemical improvements to their skin. For example, one study reported a dietary supplement containing 5 grams collagen peptides consumed daily for 60 days and up to 12 weeks resulted in a reduction in skin dryness and the appearance of wrinkles while significantly increasing collagen density and skin firmness (1). The authors did not report the precise number of males in the study, and the supplement also contained additional skin-supportive nutrients. Similarly, a double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled 2017 study by Genovese et al. reported that 90 days of daily consumption of a two-ounce shot containing 5 grams collagen peptides , combined with other skin supportive nutrients significantly increased in skin elasticity and improved texture (2). While the overall benefits were observed with the collagen product, only three men were among the subjects. 

Collagen for Joint Support 

The Type 1 marine collagen found in Collagen Elixir has also been investigated in joint health. Using MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) techniques, McAlidon et al. observed improved cartilage in six males who consumed 10 grams marine collagen for 6-12 months (3).  

Collagen for Supporting your Workout 

Finally, studies have documented the benefits of collagen in optimizing exercise performance or recovery in men. For example, two studies using a patented type II collagen at 15 grams a day noted increased muscle strength and fat-free mass, while reducing muscle loss (4) and improved body composition (5).  

Isagenix Provides Multiple Collagen Sources for your Lifestyle 

Beyond Collagen Elixir, Isagenix offers several targeted solutions rich in collagen or collagen peptides and all these products will benefit men. Examples here include: AMPED™ Repair, containing a patented form of collagen as your post-workout supplement; Collagen Bone Broth as a savory, any time, warm beverage, providing 9 grams collagen and bone broth protein; and Isagenix Joint Support™, with its Type II collagen, formulated to improve joint health.  


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