Education Drives Compliance

What does this mean? Education drives compliance for what?

Literally everything.

Have you ever wanted to reach a nutrition or health goal so bad, but let it go because you had no idea how to get there? You didn’t know where to look for guidance or education on the 


Let me let you in on a little secret that will explain exactly why people that work with me reach their nutrition goals and are able to keep their dream body and health for the long term.


The more someone is educated about the WHY behind their programming, their path, their journey, they will be much more successful and compliant than if they are left in the dark..

The more someone knows about the process, the how, the why, and the big picture of their journey, the more successful that individual is going to be.

I see this so much in my industry as a nutrition coach. New clients coming to me broken because they bought into a program or coach who they trusted yet didn’t educate them at all and left them hanging, which then left them broken.

It fuels my soul to educate the nonsense out of my clients to be able to build confidence within themselves, the journey, and me.

This then brings a successful end result of an achieved physique and nutritional awareness they never thought possible. All based on education and accountability.

Need a little guidance? You know I am always here for you!

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