The Not So Sexy Truths About Fat Loss

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Hey There!

Yes, we are going to talk about the elephant in the room BUT I hope you are having a fantastic week so far!

Lets have a come to reality moment about the real life journey of fat loss and what it honestly entails. You see, it’s not all rainbows and sunshine and butterflies, lets be honest here, the process of fat loss is not glamorous, it can be frustrating and well, it sucks!

Are there ways to make it less-frustrating and suck a little less? Absolutely. Here is the GREAT news, you don’t need to eliminate everything out of your life and you can absolutely lose fat without starving yourself, spending hours in the gym, and meal prepping like its your second job. Guess what? you can be on the fat loss journey train and still have a fantastic life.

The mental side of fat loss can be rough. Yes, you will have phenomenal days where you feel like everything is easy as pie and then the next thing you know you are crying because you are frustrated and feel like your are getting no where. You start to to doubt if you can stay on track and second guess your decision to lose weight in the first place. Trust me I have been there! WHEW! These struggles are normal! We all go through them.

Fat loss takes PATIENCE and CONSISTENCY.

How do those that have been successful achieve their success? Honestly, it’s simple. Those that embrace their failure and get back up and keep going win in the end. It is about granting yourself grace and embracing the process. Owning your vision, committing to each day and trusting the process.

If you are struggling, know that I believe in you. Get your butt off the ground and keep going. Don’t quit. It is not about perfection, it is about progress. I promise you will succeed as long as you are willing to keep getting back up when you have been knocked down. The only way you will guarantee your failure is if you quit. You don’t get to quit.

I believe in you. Now, go have an awesome day!

XO, Casey

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